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different deadlines for individual participants? Overall logs?

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different deadlines for individual participants? Overall logs?

Dear Moodlers,

 I am planning to use Moodle for a little unusual purpose:

We are trying to structure the doctoral research in our institute in order to keep a tighter time line and in order to strengthen and document the supervision and to involve all member s of the advisory board more strongly.

There are certain steps to be observed, updated plans discussed and submitted regularly, manuscripts etc to be submitted by the students and commented by the advisors.  So Moodle should be great for all that.

The big difference to a normal course is that all doctoral students start at different times and thus deadlines are rather individual. Also, the teachers (i.e. the members of the advisory boards) are different for each student.  I have a number of questions now and I would be grateful for any suggestions or clarifications:

1)      I was planning to make an individual course for each student by just copying from a template and changing the submission deadlines by date. Is there a better way to do this? Someone mentioned that the same MOOC course could be used by different teachers and students at different times. Would this be an option? How does it work?

2)      Is it possible to get the participants (students, teachers) and the deadlines from a databank or excel sheet without having to manually enter them?

3)      As an administrator ( the one to set up all courses, too) I would love to be able to extract status information ( a log of failed requirements) regularly for all doctoral students of the institute ( so all courses together)

4)      Some of the information that the students put in should be stored in a data bank (for the HR office). The complete information would come from different “courses” (i.e. doctoral students) and the complete database should only be visible to the administrator, whereas the individual student’s  information should be visible to all particpants (advisors and doctoral student) of one course. Is this possible? How?

5)      If one teacher (advisor) has several students, is it possible to get a log for all activities of these combined as a convenient overview?



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Mary Cooch
Re: different deadlines for individual participants? Overall logs?
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Hello Kirsten

  1. You can have different courses, or you can use groups in one course and have a teacher and their students in the same group. A feature of Moodle 3.2 is that assignment deadlines can be overridden for different individuals or groups. See the docs  section on assignment overrrides
  2. Absolutely - see Upload users
  3. See Reports
  4. Also see Reports but there are also several reporting plugins which give more information than standard reports -worth exploring https://moodle.org/plugins/
  5. Yes -Course reports should do this.

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