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Downgrading Moodle

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Downgrading Moodle

Is it possible to downgrade from Moodle 3.1 to Moodle 3.04? and How?


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Re: Downgrading Moodle - A MUST NEEDED!

RK, If you google the phrase "downgrading Moodle" you will find your answer in a range of forum posts.  I think it is No.  I won't ask if you did a backup when you upgraded.

I do notice in your other post that I replied to that you are using Lambda theme and that your problem is solved with Clean.  You did not answer the other question I asked about errors.  BUT: (chances are) changing your theme will be probably easier than any other options or getting the folks who made Lambda to fix it.

Good luck.


And PS: just in case you didn't know, [see caps], in internet communication channels, all cap;itals is generally regarded as yelling.  I think it may be the same around here, I'm not sure.
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Re: Downgrading Moodle
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It's not possible. 

If you don't have a backup from 3.0.4 then we'll need to fix whatever problem you are having with 3.1

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