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Re: HTML Snippets Plugin

Should have said that I'm currently testing it on a 3.4 Moodle, with Boost and all seems to be working well.

Happy to add trackers if helpful

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Re: HTML Snippets Plugin
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Hi Neil

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. And its great that you are using it with your team.

Yes I plan to bring (almost) all the plugins up to 3.5 with support for the new privacy API. About the popup. Well the sticking point is that having thought about it a bit, the best situation is not buttons or pulldowns as much as an attractive chooser with more guidance for the user than now,  much like the wordpress shortcodes often have.

Each template should have a panel with its name, icon, and a description. The user should be able to scroll through a list of them before choosing. And on the next page, the  fields where users specify variable values should be laid out better with label  + description/instruction.

If you can find a better icon, just send it to me. Generico atto plugin allows you to choose the icon, so its actually possible to do that too. I wonder which is the better way ...

About confusing students ... Snippet has a capability declared 'atto/snippet:visible.' So you could just remove that capability from the student role. Then they won't see the icon and won't know what they are missing. Perhaps that helps?

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Re: HTML Snippets Plugin

Hi Justin

Thanks for the quick response and sorry for the delay in coming back to you. Great news that you are planning to 3.5 this and your other great plugins. Your concept for the chooser sounds ideal and tidying up the variable form would be the icing on the cake.

Icon wise, having a choice like 'atto_generico' would be perfect, as we could then align it to our internal brand.  I did have a quick look at some font awesome and something like might also work well.

I'm a little embarrassed I didn't' spot the 'atto/snippet:visible' capability, which is perfect.

My interaction with you and what the direction you are taking this has really strengthened my view that this will allow us to create a whole suite of templates for our course builders, and that it will be an important tool for us.

Thanks again for all the hard work.



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