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New user-friendly interface for Moodle plugins directory

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New user-friendly interface for Moodle plugins directory

Today we are pleased to reveal the first stage of Moodle's longer term Plugins directory project - a fresh new and user-friendly front page.

Plugins are important and flexible tool set, allowing users to extend the features of their sites. At, our plugins directory contains hundreds of plugins, each of them capable of extending the features of Moodle's core functionality.

With more and more plugins being submitted on a regular basis, Moodle community members and users have asked for particular features that would allow them to find and easily access the plugins that they really need.

Moodle HQ has been working with community members to do some best practice research and comparisons, analysing recommended patterns of UI development, through to building and testing a number of prototypes resulting in this new interface.

Advanced search options, more accurate and relevant search results and an easier way to research plugins are some of the new things you’ll see in the new plugins directory interface.

Try out the Moodle plugins directory today, or for more details, see the discussion Try out the new Moodle plugins directory interface in the Plugins traffic forum.