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Forum policy - PLEASE READ before posting

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Forum policy - PLEASE READ before posting
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This forum is for community discussion about Moodle Partners.

Moodle Partners are Certified Service Providers worldwide that can help you with your Moodle implementation. Partners contribute 10% of their earnings to support the development and maintenance of the Moodle project, so by using a certified Moodle Partner, you are helping improve the very Moodle software that you use.

Moodle Partners are not above scrutiny, of course, and is an open forum where we encourage discussion and any activity that supports the Moodle ecosystem. However, like any public forum we need to balance that freedom against posts that can be unreasonably hurtful to participants.

To that end we have developed this policy for posts that discuss experiences and quality of Moodle Partner services in the forums. Posts which violate this policy may be edited, moved to a closed discussions forum or deleted at the discretion of our forum moderators.

If you have a problem
  1. Do everything you can to solve the problems by working with your Moodle Partner first through their own channels.
  2. If this process is not working out, please contact Moodle Pty Ltd and they will do their best to help.
  3. If you still feel your issues are unresolved feel free to talk to the community by posting in this forum.
  • Discussion tone should be kept polite and focused on facts.
  • Our public forums must not be used for defamation or flaming.
  • Don't forget to talk about good experiences as well as the bad!
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