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Teaching with Moodle MOOC August 2016: Feedback and actions

Mary Cooch
Teaching with Moodle MOOC August 2016: Feedback and actions
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 We’ve just finished the latest run of our twice yearly Learn Moodle MOOC and as usual, Helen and I are looking through the feedback in order to improve the course for its next run starting on 2 January 2017. Here’s a brief summary:

 Some facts and figures:

  •  6106 participants signed up for the course and 3504 logged in on or after the start of the course on 7 August, an encouraging figure for what is a summer holiday period in the northern hemisphere.
  •  1566 obtained a participant badge for posting and replying in a forum.That’s 26% of all who signed up and 45% of those who logged in to the course.
  •  731 obtained a completer badge and certificate of completion.That’s 12% of all who signed up, 21% of those who actually logged in to the course and 47% of those who obtained the participant badge.
  •  76% told us they were completely new to Moodle or had only used it a little; 11% had only used it for file sharing and 13% considered themselves advanced users, there to help out. 
  • 92% rated the course either ‘outstanding’ or ‘good’.
  •  88% said the course was ‘just the right level’.
  •  29% used the Learn Moodle mobile app to access the course.

 What we did well:

 Focused videos and live BBB sessions:

 Participants appreciated the short length of the videos and the fact that the videos and their transcripts were available for download. The live BBB sessions were kept to 30 minutes with the emphasis on answering participant queries.

 Mobile app experience

Each time we run the MOOC the mobile app has improved. Since the January run it has become possible to do quizzes and assignments via the app. We offered optional activities for mobile app users so they can better appreciate the experiences of their students. 


10 out of 10 competencies met

 Although the MOOC is aimed at complete beginners and does not cover advanced features, participants experience more complex activities (such as the workshop) from a student perspective so they are aware of Moodle’s potential. The advent of competencies in Moodle 3.1 has generated much excitement, so we set up competencies on basic Moodle skills and allowed participants to see their progress via their learning plans.

What we could do better:

Weekly chats 

The optional weekly chat activities were filled with a lot of unrelated questions, which were difficult to keep up with due to scrolling.

 In our next MOOC we're going to trial chat activities which focus on practice courses.

 Workshop deadlines and clarification 

Despite pinned posts in the Any questions forums, there were a lot of questions about the workshop activity, such as why the completion box wasn't ticked after making a submission and the necessity of submission and assessment deadlines.

 We’re going to make a page and short video explaining the phases of a workshop so participants have a clearer idea of the process of submission and peer assessment. Hopefully this will result in more participants meeting the deadlines! 

What participants said:

You can read a selection of the comments made by participants on our Participant Feedback page here.

Average of ratings: Useful (7)