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Installing LTi plugin on UNIX

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Re: Installing LTi plugin on UNIX

Carry on like this Ken and we will be offering you a job.  We are based in Cadiz in Spain and London, UK.  Would that suit you? wink

For our current project we only need student/user roles.  The attraction of LTi, beyond it being a documented standard, is the anonamous login (hashed virtual username).  In this case we only have single activity SCORMs so can keep the rest very simple.  Our clients biggest concern is security and LTi allows us to give close to 100% security despite the Moodle being cloud hosted.

Anyway over night we set up the core stuff.  It appears to work ok based on limited testing.  But does have differences from the original plugin.   Nothing drastic so hopefully we can be back on track tomorrow.

Cheers Nigel

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