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LTI provider plugin - Not sending grades

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LTI provider plugin - Not sending grades


I am really struggling to get my site to send grades from my LTI provided content to a consumer site, whether that be BlackBoard or another Moodle install. 

Im pretty sure i've set everything up correctly. I have Moodle 3.1+ (build: 20160701) installed with the the LTI provider plugin version 2016020100 (I am not using the Publish as LTI tool now part of Moodle core). I have moodles cron job running every 30 mins.  allow_url_fopen is set to on in my php.ini file. I've set http-security-allow-frame-embedding to on under site-admin->http security and i've checked send grades back in the settings for my lti provided content. The content works fine, it's just the grading thats not working. 

Is there something i'm missing?



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