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[BBB] RecordingsBN uses internal IP address instead of domain

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[BBB] RecordingsBN uses internal IP address instead of domain

For some reason, RecordingsBN uses a playback presentation link with my internal IP address from Amazon AWS EC2 instead of the external IP or domain.

An entry of a recording looks like this:


instead of


AFAICS, the only occurence of my internal IP address in the bbb configuration is /usr/local/bigbluebutton/core/scripts/bigbluebutton.yml:

playback_host: 172.x.x.x
playback_protocol: https

Should this point to my domain, external IP or internal IP? Maybe someone can point me in the right direction to find the cause of this.

bbb-record --check also does not output anything.


RecordingsBN: 1.3.0-beta

BBB: 1.0

Moodle: 3.0

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Re: [BBB] RecordingsBN uses internal IP address instead of domain
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RecordingsBN uses a playback presentation as it is/was received from BBB. So, what you need to fix is either the endpoint on BBB or the recordings already processed.

If you haven done it yet, execute this command

sudo bbb-conf --setip bbb.yourdomain.com

You'll need to restart the server, but once fixed the new recordings will have the new endpoint.

Now, for fixing the recordings already processed, you need to reprocess them. 

sudo bbb-record --rebuild <recordID>

You can find more information in the BBB documentation http://docs.bigbluebutton.org/dev/recording.html#process and more help with BBB in BBB forums.


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