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Installing Solr for Global Search in Moodle

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Re: Installing Solr for Global Search in Moodle

Hello finally this is the correct way

for moodle versions below 3.5 you can not use solr 7.

Therefore they can perform the following installation from linux.

They must configure the php module of solr and these are the following steps:

1. lower solr.


2. extract the installer.

tar xzf solr-5.5.5.tgz solr-5.5.5 / bin / --strip-components = 2

3. perform the installation

./ solr-5.5.5.tgz -f

4. schedule the service to start the daemon.

chkconfig solr on

5. create a symbolic link of the binary

ln -s / opt / solr / bin / solr / usr / bin / solr

6. jump as user solr

your solr

7. create the core container

solr create -c moodle

8. configure it in moodle, port 8983, localhost and moodle in the index.

9. Remember before activating the global search you must execute the following:

php /home/virtual/public_html/admin/tool/task/cli/schedule_task.php --execute = "\ core \ task \ search_index_task"

10. Activate the global search in moodle.


11. verify the activation of solr

admin / settings.php? section = manageglobalsearch

12. If everything goes well validate the data:


13. create the cron by pointing to the file search / cli / indexer.php

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