HTML in Quiz Answers

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HTML in Quiz Answers

I am teaching a web page design class. I have publisher provided question banks that I have converted from Microsoft Word documents to Aiken format. This was by far the easiest format to change it to.

I went through all of the quizzes & replaced every instance of < or > with &lt; or &gt; respectively. When the questions import, the HTML entities render correctly in the question area of the quiz, but in the answers portion, each &lt; or &gt; is replaced by &amp;lt; or &amp;gt;, so when they render, it looks like HTML entities in the quiz instead of < or >.

Is there a way to get the HTML entities to render correctly instead of replacing the ampersands with &amp;? I am editing them manually for the current quiz, but this is obviously going to be a real problem for the rest of my course. I'm looking at hundreds of manual replacements which will take hours instead of a couple of simple find/replaces on a batch of files that would only take a minute. angry

Below is an example of what I'm dealing with:

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Re: HTML in Quiz Answers

i have exactly the same problem and have found no straightforward solution. have you got any response on this or found something usable?

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Re: HTML in Quiz Answers
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The GIFT format will interpret HTML correctly if you add [html] in front of the question. If you already imported as AIKEN, export as GIFT, paste [html] in front of each question, and import again.

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Re: HTML in Quiz Answers

I teach HTML too and have solved this question, for the most part..
Place a space in the tag and Moodle will not interpret it.

< span>  and < li> for examples.

Explain it to the students and they will accept....

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