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Integration round 2016-04-07 - Warmer than expected

Dan at desk in Moodle HQ, Perth
Integration round 2016-04-07 - Warmer than expected
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Cold numbers: 

31 issues have been successfully integrated, 2 rejected and 3 delayed - 94% success.


Hot topics:

  • MDL-17955 - Forum timed posts no longer marked as experimental
  • MDL-43470 - Unable to select multiple values while mapping site-wide feedback to courses
  • MDL-53612 - Book chapters added to global search
  • MDL-53461 - Intro images are not shown in the mobile app
  • MDL-53500 - User Complete/Outline report will not show activities with "view" capability to parent role

Warm thanks:

To Jun Pataleta for many bug fixes, peer reviews and guiding this integrator to his home!

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