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The set of names accessible at a given point in a program.

a closed set of names or a place where a schema (set of names) is stored. Namespaces are identified via a URI (for example, a URL) and are a mechanism to resolve naming conflicts. Within a given namespace all names must be unique, although the same name may be used with a different meaning in a different namespace. W3C recommendation, used by XPATH. See XML namespaces provide a simple method for qualifying element and attribute names used in Extensible Markup Language documents by associating them with namespaces identified by URI references. set of unique symbols or identifiers; a collection of symbols related by function or vendor.,vs.80).aspxAn area of the DNS defined by a common characteristic, eg the namespace is a subset of the .nz namespace scoping construct to subdivide the set of names and their visibility within a system. In many languages, this is tied to other computational constructs, eg, classes, procedures, modules, packages. namespace is where a set of names reside. Since they are all in the same set, their names must be different from each other. If you have names that are the same, a namespace conflict results. mechanism to resolve naming conflicts between elements in an XML document when each comes from a different vocabulary; it allows the commingling of like tag names from different namespaces. A namespace identifies an XML vocabulary defined within a Uniform Resource Name (URN). ... the scope of the terms used by a metadata scheme. An element called Creator, for instance, may carry different connotations depending on whether it emanates from the Dublin Core namespace or a local, domain-specific implementation. Space reserved by a file system to contain the names of its objects. unique identifier for models; each model maintains its own namespace. Each 3D object in a model's hierarchy must have a unique name, but 3D objects in different models can have the same name. For example, two characters in the same scene can both have chains named "left_arm," "right_arm," and so on. Namespaces let you reuse animation that has been stored as an action. ... collection of names that are used in XML documents as element types and attribute names unique identifier that can be associated with a set of XML elements and attributes. This identifier is a URI, which is not required to point to an actual resource but must "belong" to the author of these elements and attributes. Since this full URI can't be included in the name of each element and attribute, a namespace prefix is assigned to the namespace URI through a namespace declaration. This prefix is added to the local name of the elements and attributes to form a qualified name. ... collection of names, no two of which are identical. general, a namespace is an abstract container, which is or could be filled by names, or technical terms, or words, and these represent (stand for) real-world things. modern computer languages provide support for namespaces.

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