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Alberta MoodleHUB Project


My name is Verena Roberts and I have been contracted to research then write a written report that provides a current overview of the Alberta k-12 MoodleHub with a focus on the current usefulness to the Alberta Education landscape and recommendations for future options for sustainability and usefulness.

Project Background:

  • The MoodleHub was created out of the need from districts using moodle to offer online courses to Alberta students in 2004. It started with 6 members and now has over 300.

  • Courses can be created from scratch, remixed from other district content and/or OER and/or remixed from LearnAlberta content

  • There is some confusion over current Standards and Guidelines for courses/content included in the MoodleHub

  • There are archived monthly Meetings, agendas and notes from those meetings.

  • There are presentations from conferences about the MoodleHUB

  • There are current Community Learning Opportunities as a result of the MoodleHUb Community, but a current list of MoodleHUB community opportunities needs to be created. (For example the Moodle Edcamps)

Present and Future Connections:

  • Many districts have joined MoodleHub

  • Monthly community connections (email) asking for new courses

  • Attempts to create co-creation workpsaces for new courses

  • Western Canada Learning Network Initiative

    • BCLN Connections & possible joint partnerships for course creation

  • Online Learning Coordinator (ABEd), position created - how can the MoodleHUB connect with them?

  • Limited Learning Analytics: We are curious about -> Who is using the MoodleHUb Content, do they find it useful, what content are they remixing/using and why and is there a way to encourage feedback about the current content

Right now I am looking to connect with other MoodleHUBs around the world. I would like to create a list of active MoodleHubs and what makes them "Active". I would also like to connect with leaders/administrators from other MoodelHUBS to learn about what has made them successful, sustainable and how they have built their learning communities. I am curious about how their courses are created, who creates them, how they are "vetted" before being added to the MoodleHUb and anything else that may help others in the creation and building of MoodleHubs.

Please contact me through my email: or through twitter @verenanz if you can help me with (or are curious about)  any MoodleHUb questions and suggestions.

Thank you for your consideration,

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Re: Alberta MoodleHUB Project

Hello Verena,

I am just giving this topic a bump. Have you had any responses? Hoping for more feedback.


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Re: Alberta MoodleHUB Project
Nope -

No responses, but I did complete a pile of interviews.

I am completing Version 1 of the online survey and hope to send that out to

everyone interested soon.

Verena :)
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