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Integration round 2016-03-17 - Pay one, get two

One poor developer...
Integration round 2016-03-17 - Pay one, get two
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Cold numbers:

The week of March 7th 40 issues have been successfully integrated with 3 rejected and 15 delayed. That's 93% success, nice one!

The week of March 14th 29 issues have been successfully integrated with 7 rejected and 1 delayed. Nicely we were able to integrate all the delayed issues in the previous week.


  • With minor stables released last week, the next big milestone is the release of Moodle 3.1 in less than 2 months (May 9th). That's only 7 weeks away.
  • 7 minus 5 = 2 weeks for major release code freeze, in 3 weeks the QA testing process will kick off and everybody will be crazily busy. So get some air, relax a bit and get ready!
  • There are 58 issues awaiting peer-review. Any help is welcome there, at least to be able to verify that nothing important misses the train!
  • Looking forward Moodle 3.2 requirements are now under discussion and final decision will also happen also in May (3 weeks after release). Ideas welcome!
  • Big issues covering the major features planned for 3.1 (CBE, LTI sweeties smile, Assignment grading UI...), are slowly landing to integration. We'll try our best, aiming to generate feedback as soon as possible. Please, be patient!

Hot topics:

  • MDL-53273, MDL-53247, MDL-53354 ...: Various fixes and improvements to the global search feature are happening at a quick pace.
  • MDL-46891: Upgrade to Behat 3.0, yay!
  • MDL-53010: Fixed problem editing roles.
  • MDL-53176: Improvements to grade history report backported to stables.
  • MDL-50032: External functions self-registration into services.
  • And lots more in areas like web services, gradebook, access, repositories, quiz and questions... awesome work!

Warm thanks:

  • To All Women, from planet Earth. And specifically to those being genuine moodlers. No justification needed, no words required. Just big, big, thanks!

In true open source development, there's lots of visibility

all the way through the development process.

-- Brian Behlendorf

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