Moodle Wiki - make "recent changes" constant? Need history for changes

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Moodle Wiki - make "recent changes" constant? Need history for changes
I am moderating and adding content to a bigger Wiki. One day my students asked me if there was a place where they could see all recent changes.

I can see changes using history for one single page which is not enough because my students would like to have a "1 click - see all changes" solution. Then I discovered "recent changes" somewhere close to the sitemap of the wiki but the recent changes can be shown only once, after that they aren't recent anymore and don't show again.

What I am looking for is kind of a remaining Changes-History

I thought about writing another Wiki page called "Changes" but then I would have to write everything twice - once on the wiki site and once on the changes site.
I also thought about making a database for this (enter "What" did you change and "Where" => date + nickname are added automatically via db) but this seems to be too oversized for such a simple task?

I also read the wiki changes don't appear in recent activities - is there a fix for that already?

Thanks for any help!
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