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Misleading blog post from Totara seller?

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Misleading blog post from Totara seller?

This post seems highly misleading to me. I gave the table a quick read and there seem to be several points that are simply wrong. However, I no longer feel expert enough on Moodle to counter this.

I found it via a LinkedIn Moodle Group post which was forwarded to my email.

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Re: Misleading blog post from Totara seller?

mandy, yes, there are some inaccuracies.

I'd say it is Caveat Emptor.  Salespeople often do this.

All the emphasis on tracking, learning programmes etc is a strong point/feature of Totara.


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Re: Misleading blog post from Totara seller?
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As Derek mentions - it's definitely a sales pitch for Totara but I know the author has a very in-depth knowledge of both Moodle and Totara. Comparison charts with features like this are always hard to interpret unless you know both systems - The "tickboxes" I see in the Totara column all relate specifically to extra features/functionality that Totara provides a specific tool or feature to help with management - you might be able to add extra 3rd party plugins to your vanilla Moodle site to do similar things though.

Good example of a high level description that could appear mis-leading to someone without knowledge on both systems:

"create in-built roles for manager, regional manager and assessor" 

If I read that in an RFP I'd be tempted to say "yes" for Moodle and "yes" for Totara.... although the checkbox is only on the Totara side in the sheet. But manager and regional manager roles partially relate to location and groups of people they are responsible for which suggests these roles may not be sufficient as a site-level role in Moodle.

Totara includes a feature they call hierarchies (also mentioned in the other items) which allows you to map the internal organisational structure and provide access for managers to see/view reports from users they are responsible for across multiple courses. This is not something that Moodle provides out of the box.

Apart from the Sales related stuff are there any other major outstanding ones that you think aren't right?

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Re: Misleading blog post from Totara seller?
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Comparison tables almost always oversimplify things to the point of being useless.

However, people in suits love them. That and Powerpoint slides - also evil wink

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