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Congratulations to our Learn Moodle MOOC participants

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Congratulations to our Learn Moodle MOOC participants

Thanks to everyone who participated in our recent Learn Moodle MOOC.

Over 5500 people signed up for the course, of which 2079 people received a participant badge for posting in a forum and and a record 866 people (15% of those who signed up) completed all thirty-one required elements of the course and were awarded a completer badge and certificate. Well done everyone!

Thanks also for all the feedback we received from participants, helping us improve the course for the future. For details, please see Mary's post Teaching with Moodle MOOC January 2016: Feedback and actions.

If you would like to participate in a Learn Moodle MOOC, we'll be running the course again in August 2016, and will be opening for registrations soon!