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Atto Multi-Languange Content plugin

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Atto Multi-Languange Content plugin
Hi all,

I'm very glad to present my first contribution to Moodle, with a plugin for our Atto text editor: Atto Multi-Language Content.

The aim of this plugin is to make the creation of multilingual contents much more easier than with the default method, which can actually be quite confusing.

The plugin is designed to work with Iñaki Arenaza's multilang2 filter, which would replace the default multilanguage filter. This filter allows to create multilingual content just writing tags in plain text, so there's no need to edit the HTML code.

This filter facilitates the creation of multilingual content, but, well, it could still be more easier. So, this is what this plugin does. Just select the text you want to wrap with multilang tags, click on the plugin button, select the language, and the plugin will wrap the text between the tags for you, highlighting them, for easier location smile

I really hope it will be useful for those that are creating multilingual contents in their sites.

Best regards,

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