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Moodle Users Association - OPEN FOR MEMBERSHIP!

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Moodle Users Association - OPEN FOR MEMBERSHIP!

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I'm very pleased to announce the exciting news that Moodle Users Association Inc is open for membership!

The purpose of the Association is to provide a forum for the Moodle community to propose and select development projects for Moodle core.  

There's a whole heap of information on the MUA website if you want to know more, including descriptions of the four different levels of membershipPick a level that's right for your organisation or you.

The process is 

  1. fill in the signup form at
  2. pay the invoice that arrives in your email
  3. login after the payment confirmation email
  4. find the "Development Cycle" course and start proposing a project for development.

Exciting times, I trust you enjoy your part in building Moodle for the future!

Shannon Johnston, Project manager at Moodle Pty Ltd