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Is Moodle the right LMS according to our Business Model

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Re: Is Moodle the right LMS according to our Business Model
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I agree with many of the points already made - some great advice, ideas, and links.

A few years ago I set our Theme designer the task of creating a Theme that made a Moodle site look like a Wordpress site, and it was completely indistinguishable from a Wordpress site.  Message?  Moodle can look and work how you want, it's just knowing how to create the Theme, and setup the site (Navigation methods, Blocks, etc.).

Yes, you can selectively disable lots of Moodle functionality that you don't require such as Blocks, Filters, Modules (activities and resources) etc.  We often work through this with clients.

"Do you believe that moodle can fit our Business Model or we should go on with another platform / system?"

Well, if you have specific business needs, then as long as you have some development skills / funding you can adapt Moodle, interface with CMS, reporting tools etc.  If you choose a non open source closed solution, you will only ever be as good as the product they provide, unless you want to pay their rates for customisation (!)

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