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Integration round 2015-12-18: the force awakens

Dan at desk in Moodle HQ, Perth
Integration round 2015-12-18: the force awakens
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Cold numbers:

19 issues have been successfully integrated, 221 QA tests passed, 18,000+ behat scenarios ran and 148,140 unit test combinations completed! Busy week!


A weekly release has of Moodle 3.0+ has just arrived into moodle.git and the official release of Moodle 3.0.1 will arrive very shortly with PHP 7.0 supported! As is usual, Moodle administrators should use caution and testing to ensure that their installation will continue to operate on PHP7, be aware that this PHP release is very young. In particularly some known issues:

  • The Microsoft SQL Server PHP drivers are not currently available for PHP7.  The mssql driver (used on non-windows platforms) is removed from PHP7 and the sqlsrv driver (windows only) is still in development. Sites which operate on SQL server or connect to it via the auth_db plugin or enrol_db plugin should not upgrade.
  • The Oracle PHP driver is known to buggy and segfaults in some circumstances, we are continuing investigate and isolate this in MDL-52544 and report this to the maintainers. Again sites installed on Oracle or using auth_db/enrol_db should not upgrade.
  • Add-on plugins may not be working on PHP7 and will need developers to test and upgrade their code to be compatible. A guide in developer docs is a starting point for developers looking to upgrade their plugins: Moodle_and_PHP7 
Warm Thanks:

To Rajesh Taneja for coordinating our testing efforts at Moodle HQ, both automated and human - its often chaotic and demanding and we couldn't do it without you! 

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