Link to database, pre-populate database fields

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Link to database, pre-populate database fields

Apologies if this question has already been answered, but I can't find it in the forums, and am fairly new to Moodle.

We are building courses for learners with very limited computer skills, and at certain points in the course we want them to answer questions for evaluation by teachers. For various reasons, we've concluded a database is the best vehicle for capturing their answers. In order to minimize the need for student navigation and typing, we'd like to provide them a URL link to a database "Add entry" form and pre-populate some of the fields of the entry they are adding. For example, a couple of fields we wish to capture are the Lesson # and Question # they are answering, and at the point in the course where they are linking to the database, we know what those are.

Linking to the database Add Entry form is easy - something like ../moodle/mod/data/edit.php?d=3 will get us there. But how do we pre-populate fields with data? Is there any way to add that data to the URL link to the Add Entry form so as to pre-populate those fields?

We would consider alternate means of linking-and-populating, if they exist (would prefer not to use more plugins or JS code, but can if necessary).

Thanks in advance for your ideas!

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