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Hi, Mushtaq.

You will need to expand on "e-learning material recommended system for student  through machine learning". It sounds like you are planning a solution before you have a problem. What are your research questions?

There are some student focussed learning analytics tools available. Check the other recent discussion in this forum.

An idea floated at a recent working group was to provide students with relative activity information, giving advise about actions a student should take in a course, for example...

43% of students have viewed PAGE X

82% of students have posted to FORUM Y

29% of students have submitted ASSIGNMENT Z

In relation to MatLab, it's likely, if you get anyone volunteering to share data with you (and you haven't made a strong case yet), it would come in the form of a log export or course backup. You would need to transform this into the format you need, but cleaning and filtering are part of any learning analytics analysis.

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