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McGraw Hill Using Moodle?

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McGraw Hill Using Moodle?

I was watching a video of Connect School by McGraw Hill. Initially there is a pdf navigation shell, but towards the end of the video there appears to be some hints of moodle. Thoughts?

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Re: McGraw Hill Using Moodle?
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John, It's Moodle.  See  They say you can go to to know more.

It's got the scroll of death, some plugins for formats and a learning organizer of some kind, the problems with types of upload format are there.  Could not see the version, but it is at least 2.6 I think.

Lots of support on how to cope with IE, Macs etc.

They have a completely new video solution I have not seen.

They say: CONNECTschool allows for optimum personalization and customization so that information can easily be added, modified and enhanced.

No actual 'Thoughts' about this.


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