Wiki student information not accessible by Teacher

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Wiki student information not accessible by Teacher

I am running Moodle 2.9.1+ (Build: 20150716).  I assisted a teacher at our University with adding a Wiki for each group that she had in her class. During setup we set the Group mode to "separate groups" and also restricted access to each group.  At the time of the setup we also created the first page of the wiki (Created a title but added no content). The students were able to use class time to add content which we witnessed them doing (this was 5 days ago).  The teacher then went back to see the progress and the information that the students had added was not present.  I experienced the same symptoms when I went into the wikis (nor was any history present other than the initial setup history that we had done).  I checked the logs in 'wiki administration' and students had added content.  I can even view that content (as well as history) when I select the provided link in the 'Event name' column within the logs.  

What can I do to display those wikis normally for the teacher?

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