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Remote Learner US and CA are no longer certified Moodle Partners

Martin Dougiamas
Remote Learner US and CA are no longer certified Moodle Partners

Hi all,

I wish to bring to your attention that (as of July 2015) the company Remote Learner (US and Canada) are no longer part of the certified Moodle Partner program.

As you may know, the Moodle project depends entirely on our certified Moodle Partners for financial support.  The royalty payments we receive from our Moodle Partners (currently numbering 66 fine companies across the world) are what pay for the 35 people at Moodle HQ who create new features for every Moodle release, fix bugs, integrate and review community contributions, perform testing, review and distribute plugins, maintain all the community sites, write documentation, research new developments, run free MOOCs about Moodle, run MoodleMoots around the world and generally spread open source love across the world so it can benefit from a truly Free platform for online and blended learning.

If you are ever considering getting help with Moodle hosting, consulting, training, customisation, theming or any other services, then we ask you to please, always use a current certified Moodle Partner, because that enables all this.  In return, we will always be working hard to make Moodle better for you.

Thank you for being part of one of the biggest open source projects in the world.