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Integration round 2015-07-16 - sparse days

Dan at desk in Moodle HQ, Perth
Integration round 2015-07-16 - sparse days
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Cold numbers:

12 issues have been successfully integrated, with 1 rejected and 1 delayed.


  • The iTeam this week continued some internal discussions about evolution of the Moodle performance tool to provide the goals of being more effective at detecting regressions, provide over time graphing and be able to more effectively help us with integration. More info about details from the discussion coming soon.
  • Related to that, MDL-49398 continues to be analysed - the patch provides big benefits on first login performance, but at some small tradeoff of each request. Some real life dataset testing of that issue would be good, if you can help
  • Our peer review queue continues to be quite large, while we've had a few quiet weeks on integration issues - lets all try and help tip that balance to keep the integration queues primed

Warm thanks:

  • To Daniel Thies for much collaboration, plugins and improvements to Atto - thanks!

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