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Building a University System With moodle challenge

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Re: Building a University System With moodle challenge
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Quite a number of Universities have adopted Moodle for their Learning Management System, I suspect at least one had adapted Moodle to act as their Student Information System also, but that must have been an incredible job, the SIS works well. However, these are actually two different Moodles, if they have done as I suspect. They obviously spent some time, effort and money to build what they wanted, using similar tools. It all looks PHP based, and there are shopping carts, internally generated PDFs for downloads, payment facilities via plastic or PayPal, everything needed in a Uni web site. I have no idea how, or what, they run for their Student Management System or their Daily Operations software, but I suspect that too is web based.  I do not suggest that their systems are built around Moodle, rather they spent some time and effort to make their systems, not seamless, but compatible, with Moodle as a large component of their system.  

Moodle is not, and cannot, be all things, but it can be a valuable component.       

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