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Moodle or Totara

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Moodle or Totara

Dear All,

We intend to implement new system for e training in our company with large number of user and we have Talent management system(oracle) for manage the training process and we need system for delivery our content that will integrate with Oracle system . We need experts suggestions for choosing between totara and moodle  for this situation .


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Floyd Saner - Tail of the Dragon, U.S. 129, NC
Re: Moodle or Totara


Totara starts with Moodle core code and adds a layer of additional features that are more suited to business needs.  For example, 

  • Totara has better reporting features than Moodle has.  
  • Totara can be configured to reflect your organization's management and reporting structure.
  • Totara can organize learning plans (sets of courses) for employee groups.
  • Totara has better database interfacing options than Moodle has.

To do a complete analysis of your situation, I would need more detail.  But, in general, for corporate training needs, Totara has more features and options than does Moodle.


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Re: Moodle or Totara
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One of the possible limitations of Totara is that third party plugins are generally not tested with it. Because it is based on Moodle core code, there is a very good chance that such plugins will work with it, but no certainty. That is not a reason to discount using it, just something to be aware of. I'm not sure what Zizo means by database interfacing options.

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Re: Moodle or Totara

Zizo, I suppose your company uses this:

I think you'll need to talk to your contacts at Oracle to find out whether Moodle or Totara can be integrated with it.

If your company uses an Oracle database, see this:

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