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Moodle 2.9 is now available!

Martin Dougiamas
Moodle 2.9 is now available!

Hello again!

Moodle kids with mustachesIt gives me great pleasure to officially announce Moodle 2.9, our latest major release that packages up all the new things from the past six months of work.

This release has a lot of new things in it (over 360 issues), ranging from some great interface improvements in many areas such as navigation, messaging, lesson and quiz, to things in the backend that designers and developers will be happy about, such as full support for jQuery and the mustache templating library (which I hope explains the Moodle kids photo for this release!  smile  )

For the best overview of everything new start with our New Features page or watch our series of explanatory videos below:

For more technical details see the full Moodle 2.9 Release Notes and our Upgrading page.  And of course to download it just go to our download page or use Git.

As always, thanks so much to the entire community of developers, teachers and others who contributed towards this release, and especially our dedicated team at Moodle HQ and the Moodle Partners who support us.

We are now already busy on Moodle 3.0, due in November!