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JF Dragon
Re: Redirecting wiki pages

Thanks William and Paula for your answers. First I'm on Moodle 2.7.

What I want to do is making an automatic redirection from a wiki page to an other in the same wiki.

My problem is that the wiki have been create many months ago and the name of the first page have been change to "Wiki". The result, is I have an hyperlink in the navigation menu that open a new page to create naming "First page name". You can look at the info on the Moodle doc on this problem or take a look at the MDL-6488 for the impossibility to rename the first page name in the parameter.

That's why I was looking for the famous "redirect" fonction normaly possible within other wikis. I already know that the wiki module in Moodle was limited, but I expect be abble to do something simple like that.

I found a little fix for now, but it's not as elegant as a redirect fonction. I just put the same content on the two pages ("wiki" page name as first page in the parameters and "First page name") and ask the teacher to make the eventual changes in both pages.

If you have an other ideas, I'll be please to hear it from you...

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