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Paper Review: Our MOOC with Moodle

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Paper Review: Our MOOC with Moodle
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Our MOOC with Moodle

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Authors Mary Cooch (Moodle HQ), Helen Foster (Moodle HQ) and Eamon Costello (Dublin City
Publication Position papers for European cooperation on MOOCs from the HOME conference
Date 2014
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This paper, written by some of the Moodle Community's finest, describes how Moodle can be used for MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses). The paper reports on a case study that showed the measured use of Moodle as a MOOC platform and describes a pedagogical approach that was employed to see the MOOCs success.

The paper begins by introducing Moodle and how the "original MOOC" was based around Moodle in 2008. Since then, other MOOC-focussed platforms have emerged, including some based on Moodle, while Moodle continues to be used around the world as a self-hosted LMS and as a MOOC platform in its own right.

The study described in the paper aimed, in part, to challenge the conception that Moodle is not suitable for courses with 'massive' numbers of students. To do so, a MOOC was offered, with the subject matter being Moodle itself. The MOOC was enrolled in by 9,522 people from over 150 countries and included forums and other Moodle activities to discover how they would fair with the large number of participants. Participants, as learners, were also offered the chance to create and share their own Moodle courses and 2646 practice courses were created and evaluated by peers. The MOOC employed a number of standardised and specific surveys to measure learning as participants progressed and to gather the impressions of participants. Badges were used as incentives and as a measure for participation and completion. In practice, this showed that Moodle was equipped to deliver all the ingredients needed for a MOOC and more.

Badges and a certificate

The paper reflects on the success of the MOOC. Although this MOOC did not reach the scale of some of the largest around the world, the Moodle platform performed admirably in this large-scale case. Of the enrolled participants, about one third participated in initial stages and about 7% of participants persisted, completing all activities, which is comparable to levels of completion reported in other MOOCs and admirable when knowing the Moodle MOOC was not associated with a higher education institution. The case study claimed that Moodle's activities encouraged engagement and peer learning. There were several advantages pointed out including the openness of Moodle, low cost deployment and proven robustness.

Completion in the case MOOC

The pedagogical approach described in the paper is one that others can follow. The study showed that the constructionist model employed by Moodle is one that can work at scale. Feedback and other measures showed that the approach taken in the Moodle MOOC can be successful.

People wishing to emulate the approach can find out more at and there will be repeat sessions of this MOOC run in future.

The paper is linked above and was presented at the HOME conference and presentation slides are available.

Slides including uses of Moodle as a MOOC

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Re: Paper Review: Our MOOC with Moodle

Superb! Congratulations to all concerned.

Fingers crossed for publication.

warm wishes all,


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Re: Paper Review: Our MOOC with Moodle

Sorry, didn't have time to read this properly before-have had a better look at it now-I realise my views are valued-shucks!

I must be honest, I failed to read about pedagogy and social constructionism- it is not explicit-and there is a lack of depth to matters....although there are many screenshots, which were a little overwhelming, but I got the gist of it.  Lovely marketing tool, but 'Our MOOC' ? 

Does that mean Helen and Mary's MOOC?  I find that exclusive and off kilta....the use of English there is not quite right, if it is supposed to invite people in.  Or, is 'Our MOOC' as in the moodle community's MOOC...which means outsiders not welcome-and thus missing the point of attracting new users....has a clique-element to it as it stands.  'YOUR TEACHING WITH MOODLE MOOC'....much better, or something like that.

The charts were interesting.

Clearly a first bash at things then. 

Sorry, I assumed it was ready for publication with a journal-my bad.

Keep going-sounds like there is potential there, in terms of a wider reach, further than the moots-whereby one would expect moodlers to be aware of the fantastic MOOC anyway? Or not perhaps.


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Re: Paper Review: Our MOOC with Moodle

Hi there,

please could someone help me with the clarity in the following figures? Aiming to report about them.

many thanks


29% of participants classed themselves as complete beginners, while 49% had "some experience with

Moodle” and 3% classed themselves as very experienced users.  What about the other 19%?

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Re: Paper Review: Our MOOC with Moodle

very quickly, to those two smiley lovely ladies here-I have left out that detail it is have left out the figures in my work. wink

No worries, I am a bit partial to a monologue me !


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