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Hi Peter

Glad that you found the discussion helpful.

About your further enquiries:
> So can you recommend an individual to build something for us? They need to be very user friendly . . . we are learning.

What that "something" is the question. Just in case, it is highly unlikely that you need to change the Moodle code. Not that nobody needs it. but do explore what Moodle does out of the box. In the recend years it started gathering features at (alarmingly ;) high rate. I would say Moodle comes with all the web technology available today. (Whether you need all of them is a different question.) Moodle is also extensible, have a look at themes, plug-ins, etc.

> I'm thinking it would be best to contract a Moodle expert to do the initial set up (as apposed to contracting a company to manage our LMS),

There is

> so we have more control over the program.

Well, by "program" you mean your business, not the Moodle code, right? In our jargon, you are talking of the content not the (computer) program. (Or program colliding with programme?)

> Our lack of knowledge does concern me and its important the program looks great and is up and running quickly.

For looks there are Moodle Themes. I consider the content and the teaching method to be more important.
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