change the logininfo color

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change the logininfo color

In trying to modify the xcss files I run into the following problem:

I cannot change color of the variable part of the logininfo.

In firefox I lookup the information of id's and class information. here I find that the logibn text is class: logininfo, but adding color: white here, onlyy changes the color of the fixed part: "you are logged in as"

Any suggestions??

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Re: change the logininfo color

Martin, with

.logininfo {

you change the text color. If you also want to change the color of the links you add

.logininfo a:link {
  color:#your link color

.logininfo a:visited {
  color:#your visited link color

.logininfo a:hover {
  color:#your hover link color

I hope this helps.

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Re: change the logininfo color

Hi - I know you posted this way back! In which file should these additions go? I wish to change the 'Login' (or 'Logout' if already logged in!) link colour.


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Frank Ralf
Re: change the logininfo color
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Hi Peter,

CSS FAQ and Themes FAQ are good starting points.

You might even get fancy and try the following (see screenshot):

div.logininfo a + a {
color: fuchsia !important;
font-weight: bold !important;

The adjacent sibling selector (+) won't work in all browsers (


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