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Seeking references to papers about personalised learning

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Seeking references to papers about personalised learning
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Hi, all.

There has been some discussion about personalised learning in this forum. It has also been mentioned elsewhere, including the NMC Horizon Report (2015 Higher Education Edition).

I have been looking for published research that discusses and measures the effectiveness of personalised learning, differentiation and adaptivity in online/blended learning.

Do you have references to papers that have been published in this emerging area of importance?

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Re: Seeking references to papers about personalised learning


keeping germane to the issue. I thought it worth taking a side-step, so I tootled over to the Moodle research papers, located elsewhere, in order to celebrate what is there. I don't have the time to sweep through the 58 papers, however here are a few:

 always a good place to start.  

On another note, conference topics might in the future, offer choice in terms of broad L&T issues OR specifics. What I am saying is if there is identification of gaps here (in this forum) or across such a research lib, so the info is in hand-so to speak, then building on those gaps can give a conference and its attendees a purpose to aid a focused effort. 

 I know this is done elsewhere, for example quite often it is MOOCs that can eclipse things across a specific list, but PLE does and should have a top-bill slot too, among other topics.   

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Tim at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
Re: Seeking references to papers about personalised learning
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I just read this blog post that I think is on-topic: The rise of antisocial deconstructivism.

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Matt Bury
Re: Seeking references to papers about personalised learning
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Thanks for sharing Tim. I think it's an excellent piece. I particularly like comparing antisocial deconstructivism to botulism; useful when minimally and judiciously applied but toxic in larger quantities smile

Here's an article by Alfie Kohn on his view of personalised learning, what it actually turns out to be, and what it means for learners:

Four Reasons to Worry About “Personalized Learning”

By Alfie Kohn

Tocqueville’s observations about the curious version of democracy that Americans were cultivating in the 1830s have served as a touchstone for social scientists ever since. One sociologist writes about the continued relevance of what Tocqueville noticed way back then, particularly the odd fact that we cherish our commitment to individualism yet experience a “relentless pressure to conform.” Each of us can do what he likes as long as he ends up fundamentally similar to everyone else: You’re “free to expand as a standardized individual.” (read more... )

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