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Re: Objective Comparison Learning Management Systems

" I can just imagine a keen person in your orbit seeing 97 seconds of another LMS (in this case Canvas) and they say Wow, it can do that? (like maybe It can upload a video in one click? or Look, students can sign up for their own groups! or Hey, cool, I can insert cross site scripting whenever I want!!) and then "Lets change to this new LMS!!" "

That's exactly it! Quote : "Moodle is clunky" "I hate Moodle" 

Well, some folks are going to try out Canvas over our Spring Break. I think they'll experience a cold shower. Adding a resource in Canvas is like it used to be in Moodle 1.9, the only upside being that you can drag & drop into the Files. But not into the main course display. And I'm finding lots of things that folks like to do -- such as customizing their course with a different  course theme (complaints about the paucity of themes since I pulled a whole bunch as being incompatible), adding pictures to the course outline, changing colours of assignments etc -- none of which are possible in Canvas.

As far as the task list goes, in order to level the playing field I was thinking of writing step by step documentation for each task item (looks like quite a big job). Using something like Screenflow (Mac) or Camtasia (PC) I'd record the subject doing each task from the documentation with supplied files. Then we can measure how long it takes them and the number of mouse clicks. I think that part is objective.

Thanks for the helpful feedback Derek. I always enjoy reading your thoughtful posts.


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