Guest user can upload files in Wiki?

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Guest user can upload files in Wiki?

I haven't used a Wiki for anything productive on my site, but I created one for my students to experimen with. My site is set-up to allow guest access and I discovered today that a guest can upload files to the Wiki. Is this correct, or is just me?

Guest access doesn't allow for any other type interaction in the forums, assignment uploads, etc., so I'm confused as to why the Wiki would allow this.


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Re: Guest user can upload files in Wiki?
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Hi Steve,

definitively, I think the shouldn't be able to upload files in the wiki. Please, can you add it in the bugs system?

TIA and ciao smile
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Re: Guest user can upload files in Wiki?
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Re: Guest user can upload files in Wiki?
That's strange, I'm having a problem with *students* being able to upload images to wiki? 
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Re: Guest user can upload files in Wiki?
My wiki is set to allow 'guests without a key', and I see this allows them to edit the wiki. Is that a bug, or should it be like that?
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Re: Guest user can upload files in Wiki?

This seems to indicate a permissions issue. I am having the same problem with my students. The inability to upload images kind of makes the wiki feature useless to me. (I teach graphics) I want the kids to write their own tutorials but without multiple images it is kind of useless.

Have you been able to solve your problem????

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Re: Guest user can upload files in Wiki?

There seem to be a number of posts about this, but no definitive answers.

A teacher reported a problem that he couldn't see images that students had uploaded. I explored this a little and discovered a few things:

  • the upload feature is not terribly intuitive. You see it when you have an edit window- but it's there at the bottom, almost as an afterthought.
  • when you try to use the editor to insert an image, it doesn't show any way to specify an image short of a full URL, which is problematic. If you are a teacher, you can see your normal file browser- but students, for good reason, can't see these files- as a result, they can't see anything to add as an image!
  • When you DO browse to an image and upload it, you get a blank page - in theory you can cut the URL from that blank page and paste it into the other page, but this was problematic. His students did this, and we as instructors couldn't see the images. When I logged in as a student, I could.
  • I linked to an image with the file browser as an instructor, and then compared the URLS, getting:
  • Unfortunately I don't fully understand how file linking works - just that under the two schemes above, they both show for the student view, and only one for the teacher view (the first). So I'm confused.

What seems clear is that this is not really mature. What you'd expect is that when you upload something it throws it in the way it would on a discussion board- but harder to do the placement for that.

So I'm not really sure if this is a bug, or a lack of feature, or both - but I'm a little sad there isn't more feedback on this... would love to hear more from anyone who knows more.


ps: while searching around, I found a reference to this sandbox item:

Where you can see images that are externally linked under some circumstances when viewed, but always when edited. Is this related??

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Summary of image issues in WIKIs - was Re: Guest user can upload files in Wiki?

Well.. it's like a kind of sadistic treasure hunt! surpriseevil

I checked out moodle bugs and found references to this thread:

and this thread

Both of which led me to a couple of conclusions after some more exploration:

  • The moodle sandbox does not have the upload feature turned on, so you can't try it there.
  • If you successfully upload an image, you should be able to link to it within the wiki by typing [internal://imagename.ext] where imagename is the name of your image and ext is the type (jpg, png, or gif).
  • When you do upload said image, you'll either get a blank page popping up (not working correctly) or a dark page with the text
    "your image has been uploaded: "
    in red or burgundy or something.
  • The lack of this page does not mean it didn't upload, so not sure how to figure this out. I wonder if, based on other threads, short file names give you the message and long ones dont. 'lama.jpg' worked. "DIEMandYaseen.jpg" did not - though both uploaded and linked fine.
  • You can't delete wiki attachments angry (so I junked up my ESL guy's class with family photos... grin) that I know of.
  • A great workaround is to make a pictures only forum and then have students copy the URL of the images attached to the forum into the wiki (by right-clicking image properties) -this is indeed a hack, but ought to be reliable.
  • There's something funky going on about view rights to externally hosted images- as sometimes you can see images in the edit mode but not when you view- this may be dependent on said images being on sites that do or don't allow direct linking. Examples of this are in the sandbox at
  • There's other funky stuff going on where I was not able to view images that were linked when logged in as a teacher, but could when I logged in as a student.

Yippee and Boo all at once.

Please, if you know any better, or have any additions or corrections, share 'em!!!


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Re: Summary of image issues in WIKIs - was Re: Guest user can upload files in Wiki?
wy don't you try dfwiki, I think that we worked out all that issues.
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