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This is an interesting, and I suspect, a longer term discussion Just... so how is the implementation going? 

I revisited the site and was disappointed that they have not really made their product more transparent. There was a case study that could be applied to any LMS, even a remedial reading class. then I found this: 

"Digitisation has long since found its way into society and organisations worldwide and - it impacts everyone. Companies are looking for concrete, individual solutions to deliver traning content in a way that is up-to-date, targeted, quick and long-lasting. We accompany our clients as partners in doing this from the very beginning.

Together we develop an understanding of what learning in your organisation actually means. Based on this knowledge we create an individual and holistic digital training strategy that fits your needs exactly." (A direct copy and paste from this page.)

I mean, seriously? Digitisation? Holistic? Buzz words, and misspellings are not Then I found gamification. Wow... how...erm.. exciting... 

<warning style="opinion">Games are useful in learning some things, I have found, but not all things. Games encourage some people, but a lack of success for others will see them opt out every time they can, so the results of intense gamification can be less than useful. I use games in learning, but sparingly, it is not a tool I use all the time. I also use time limited quizzes, mental arithmetic and mental algebra exercises for both maths and listening skills. They can be fun, just as exciting, and more useful by using assessment for learning, not learning for assessment, but I see no references to those kinds of learning tools. Agreed, I am interested in these things whereas others may not be, but Moodle offers that option, so does Sakai and Blackboard if I recall correctly does IMC?</warning>    

You really have me curious as to how it is all going. Your earlier comments are not enthusiastic, so how is it all going? 


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