'Assignment workflow in Wiki'

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'Assignment workflow in Wiki'

Hello Moodlers,

just recently I was looking in the Assignment module and specifically the "marking workflow" and I was wondering if could it be possible to implement a similar concept in Wiki module.

We would loved to use Moodle Wiki as our content management system, but we miss an "approval" function.

For example we have three authors, an editor and a manager.

Authors work on wiki and each one's adds are tracked in the history. Then we need a button/function to say that wiki is ready for the editor's review.

Then the editor reviews, makes the changes  needed and he wants to mark the wiki as "More author adds are needed". 

Authors come in again, update content and mark the pages as "ready for editor's review" again.

Editor reviews and verifies that "content is ready for manager's review".

Manager gets in, review and finds the stuff perfect so marks the pages as "Approved".

Does anyone else has thought about this?

The same "approve function" could be also usefull in class projects and academic research projects.

If there any developer that could add some inputs in this idea? Is it something feasible or seems like a 'mission impossible'? thoughtful

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