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Also, some of the assumptions in that analysis are more than a little dodgey I would suggest. You are unlikely to go to a vendor's website to get negative or unflattering information on that vendor's product. Some of the costings are a little off too, I would think. Essentially, the only real difference between products is the licensing costs, the hosting costs are going to be similar across the board, self hosting is also the same, unless the hardware requirements are exorbitant, as is the case for something like Citrix. Bottom line is there are three issues to consider, of which cost is not one. 1)How do we host? External or self?  2)Ease of learning to use? Steep learning curve or not?  3)Overall usefulness? Each product has good things, each has not so good things, which one suits our requirement best? 

I would suggest here that anything else is an excuse to do what the people who are either influencing the decision makers, or making the decision, actually want. Been there, done all this several times, logic and commonsense make little or no headway against a predetermined decision. 

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