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What's on your moodle front page?

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What's on your moodle front page?

Hi all,

As the subject suggests I'd like to know what you have on your front page of moodle. We're planning a redesign of our Moodle environment @ Exeter College (for 2015/16), finally biting the bullet and developing a bootstrap theme!

Currently our moodle environment is only 2 years old and traditionally just had tiles on the front page to get to course categories. but now users are more familiar and it gets used more than our sharepoint intranet, it seems logical to have more user centered info (News, Images etc) and also that it's much easier to make it look pretty with bootstrap elements nowadays!

So what does your front page look like, and what features do your users love, hate can't live without!

Thanks for sharing.

Here's what our front page currently looks like:

Exeter College Moodle Front Page 2014

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moi!!! it is what is is...
Re: What's on your moodle front page?
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I reckon a reasonable front page, looks good, is inviting and while a little cluttered down the left column, you could get rid of the Category menu block, and open some space there.  My idea is there should be no scrolling on the Front Page. If you want something there, an Announcement block, that is a HTML menu block with no more than three announcements linking to a category that has announcements in it is always a good filler. 

Although... I would suggest lose the hot pink, it clashes with everything around  One way to do that would be to group in columns different subject areas, like English, Maths & Science, Humanities Business in one column, Media, Art & Design, Hospitality and Sport in another and the rest in other columns as suits you. As long as there is a logic and observable relationship in some way to each category you could use 4 different shades of one colour in each column, light to dark, I am sure you could come up with any number of other ways to do something different, or similar, which is why you would have an Art & Design/IT/Media person designing your front page. A school competition, perhaps, run every second year or so.




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Re: What's on your moodle front page?
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We took some time to talk about what we really wanted.  

What is Moodle?  Is it a learning tool, an alert system, a news site, eye candy, etc etc.  Then we talked about what we wanted students to do.  What was the workflow of entering the site, finding a course, checking assignments, etc.  Was moodle the best way to deliver site announcements?  Did we want them glancing at miscellaneous news items that may or may not be used by the teacher?  All these questions were discussed as we looked to streamline the process of getting a student into the site and onto the learning material.  

We set out to develop something that met these needs and to do it so that there was nothing that would distract a learner from the end goal: finding and interacting with content.

At a college your needs might be different but at K12 we have first graders on up who could all potentially use the system.  We wanted the site to look nice but content is king and the site should only facilitate the display of the content and not overpower it. 

It is also very important to look for duplication of content displayed.  You have course categories in the main area and then you have a block doing the same thing on the side.  Which one should the learning click on???  This duplicity whether you realize it or not increases the cognitive load and anxiety for a first time user.  The first time user simply wants to find their teacher's course and get in.  Make it simple as to where they need to go to do that and only provide one path to do so.

Since we view Moodle as a tool we designed it to do a few things quickly and easily with no guessing as to where the learner should go.  

  • Authenticate.  Homepage only has a login.
  • Find a course or check enrolled courses. Dashboard directs students to content and learning. 
  • Complete classroom assignments and interactions.

Our theme is designed to simplify this process.  The homepage is little more than a traffic cop directing the student to the content.  Quick and efficient.

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