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Moodle for communities of practice and e-portfolios

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Moodle for communities of practice and e-portfolios


I have been advocating the use of Moodle for online communities of practice, which can be as simple as discussion groups for learning and sharing on an ongoing basis. If an organisation already uses Moodle for online courses, communities of practice could nicely link to the courses.

However, when e-portfolios are needed (for example, as part of a structured program within a community of practice), I guess we need to look outside Moodle. I'm aware that Mahara is commonly used for e-portfolios and it can be integrated with Moodle.

I'd like to find out if anyone has experience with using Moodle + Mahara for supporting learning, e-portfolios, and perhaps communities of practice too. Are there are any other tools for e-portfolios/communities of practice that can be integrated with Moodle?



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Re: Moodle for communities of practice and e-portfolios
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Hi Ravi, there is a whole community using the "Mahoodle", and the Mahara site, I understand, has a full set of instructions on how to do that. 

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