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User navigation mockup

Re: User navigation mockup
We completed all the work listed on the planning page for 2.9 in Moodle 2.9

User Menu
Revisiting 'My home' page
Work in scope for this release cycle:
Consistent user context page layout
User preferences page
A new profile page
A new "My grades" page
Handling of course profiles
Remove "My profile" node from navigation block (And remove my profile settings)

This was all aspects of the navigation overhaul specification targeting "user pages/navigation". The next big part of that spec is to tackle course navigation, which is a big chunk of work. We did not work on this for 3.0 because we didn't have the resources - it is still important to improve the navigation throughout Moodle - maybe the Moodle Association will help with specifications/prioritisations down the track.
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