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Schoology vs Google Sites vs Moodle

Re: Schoology vs Google Sites vs Moodle

It is a fait accompli -- my school is moving to Schoology Enterprise.  In my early reviews of this new product, I find it ok..... Schoology is the LMS for the Facebook era.  Its look and feel are so attractive and familiar, it wins points on style alone.

Unfortunately, and somewhat ironically, Moodle has many more sophisticated options, particularly in the assessment and analytics areas.  But, ironically, that is its downfall to many a beginner, as the complexity is daunting.   I assume Schoology will soon suffer the inevitable feature creep that afflicts all software.

As usual, the salesrep promised that the conversion from moodle is "seamless".  As usual, the salesrep's statement is untrue.  I will suffer through my manual conversion.

Has anyone written an XML tool that will help me sort and parse my dozens of moodle question-types that Schoology ignores, so I can more easily re-type them into the new system?

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