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Schoology vs Google Sites vs Moodle

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Schoology vs Google Sites vs Moodle

My school and our partner school are discussing moving to a combined LMS. We have been using Moodle for about six years, so I'm clearly an advocate for it. But our partner school has not been using a unified LMS (teachers are using their own sites, including Moodle Sites and Schoology).

There seems to be a strong move towards Schoology, and I'm looking for evidence of the value of Moodle over other LMS systems. I've done a bit of web searching, and found some reviews, but thought I'd ask here to see if anyone has suggested readings/reviews and/or personal experience.

Remember, reviews from a couple years ago aren't that valuable, since all platforms are adding applications/extensions/plugins quite frequently.

Thanks for any help you can provide smile

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Re: Schoology vs Google Sites vs Moodle

There is not a simple answer to this question.

I'd suggest you do a trial.

You also need also to clarify your points of comparison.

What do you really want in an LMS?  

  • I've been doing a little work with some students (Y9) who use Edmodo.  The social networking and communication tools are superb.  Where as in Moodle this aspect is downplayed.  Schoolology has these tools built in.  So if you want this personal interaction built in in a convenient way you have a choice to make.
  • Content creation.  Moodle is now more oriented to the use of external repositories.  And building interesting things takes more time and will usually require addons.  (My first question for a new LMS is "can you drag and drop stuff to deploy content?", my second question is the communication tool (usually a forum) - "how Good it it?" and my third is "is there any sensible navigation?" - and then collaboration: "can students join in groups and work together?")
  • Learning curve.  You'll need to try teaching a course to really compare.
  • Open source vs closed
    One comment:
  • Quizzes?  Here is my view: Moodle has a powerful quiz tool built in.  This is one area where a simple feature comparison can be done.  How quick is it to create questions and quizzes?  How easy is it to mark?
  • Design.  There are some nice plugins for Moodle
  • Cost.

Two other references: 

So in part it comes down to considerations like "Getting your stuff out if you move", cost, learning curve, power vs simplicity, look, functionality.


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Just wondering . . .
Re: Schoology vs Google Sites vs Moodle


I've read a little bit more on Jon Fila's blog.

You may like to check this out.

On the other hand I'd caution you about over selling Moodle.  My preference of Moodle is not feature vs feature so much.  It's more complex than that.  The case FOR schoolology is put here:  But a careful reading show this is one of the use cases that Jon is writing about.  


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Re: Schoology vs Google Sites vs Moodle

I agree with Derek, it's necessary to give Schoology a trial to get a comparison. A recent link I have been reading was this. In fact after reading this site I registered. I don't often do that.

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Re: Schoology vs Google Sites vs Moodle

It is a fait accompli -- my school is moving to Schoology Enterprise.  In my early reviews of this new product, I find it ok..... Schoology is the LMS for the Facebook era.  Its look and feel are so attractive and familiar, it wins points on style alone.

Unfortunately, and somewhat ironically, Moodle has many more sophisticated options, particularly in the assessment and analytics areas.  But, ironically, that is its downfall to many a beginner, as the complexity is daunting.   I assume Schoology will soon suffer the inevitable feature creep that afflicts all software.

As usual, the salesrep promised that the conversion from moodle is "seamless".  As usual, the salesrep's statement is untrue.  I will suffer through my manual conversion.

Has anyone written an XML tool that will help me sort and parse my dozens of moodle question-types that Schoology ignores, so I can more easily re-type them into the new system?

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