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LTI item gone from gradebook

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LTI item gone from gradebook
Hi all
We are on 2.6.5. I have one course that had a graded LTI item. Last week It was visible in the course and in the gradebook and scores were being sent by the the LTI host. Today, that item is still in course, but the LTI item is no longer in the gradebook. I don't see a way to delete an LTI item from the gradebook so I looked at the settings in the course for the LTI item and everything looks as it should. I had made an export of the gradebook last week and can see it was there.
I enrolled a test student in the course, had that student complete the LTI quiz, they received a grade in the LTI, but again nothing displayed in the gradebook for them or the teacher.

How might this had been removed and how might I go about getting it back?

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Re: LTI item gone from gradebook

I figured out the cause of this, but I can't determine how to fix it. 

1. I have an LTI activity in the course. 

2. Change the name of the activity using either quick name change or by editing the LTI activity. 

3. Save the new name change. 

4. The Item is now gone from the gradebook. 

5. Revert the name back to the original name. Still missing from the gradebook. 

My questions are:

1. How do I change the name of an LTI activity while allowing it to remain in the gradebook?

2. How do I returned previously removed LTI activity items to the gradebook?


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