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Moodle Trademark in Japan

Martin Dougiamas
Moodle Trademark in Japan
Hi, Japanese Moodlers!

Just for general information of Moodlers here, our Moodle trademark has cleared the final stage of registration in Japan!  賛成

Just as it does in other countries, this trademark covers any public use of the word "Moodle" in relation to the providing of commercial Moodle services, such as hosting, consulting, training, development, customisation, translation, etc.

Currently, this means only Moodle Partners are allowed to use the word Moodle in this commercial context in Japan or on Japanese web sites.

If such services are not involved then there are no restrictions, so for example this does not affect people who just use Moodle or who want to talk about Moodle in papers or web sites and so on.

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Me and Ray
Re: Moodle Trademark in Japan

I take the libery of translating Martin's message above into Japanese. 和訳させていただいます。


日本人のムードル利用者の皆様 拝啓






画像 Minoru Akiyama
Re: Moodle Trademark in Japan

  • Moodleという言葉をサービスの名称として使うのはいけない
  • サービスの内容の説明としてMoodleという言葉を使うのはかまわない
  • 自社のロゴなどにMoodleという言葉を使ってはいけない
Martin Dougiamas
Re: Moodle Trademark in Japan
From the translation I have, what you are saying is generally correct, yes.  The only issue that might not be clear from what you have said is that although one can own and use a domain name containing my name "moodle", it may not be a business-oriented site. is currently fine, because it's not a commercial site.

画像 Minoru Akiyama
Re: Moodle Trademark in Japan

Dear Matin,

I did misunderstand what you said. I'll provide "" for new comers in Japan to try moodle for free. Is it OK?

Martin Dougiamas
Re: Moodle Trademark in Japan
If you are using as a way to promote your e-Learning-Service then that would not be OK.  --->    悲しい

As a service to the Moodle community, how about making that site redirect to this course so they can try it here?   Or you could even donate the domain to the Moodle Trust.  --->     笑顔
画像 Minoru Akiyama
Re: Moodle Trademark in Japan
Dear Martin,

As you said "" ---> "" is OK, then "" for Japanese moodlers is OK?
"" administrator will be some of moodlers except e-Learniong Service LPC..
If it's OK, e-Learning Service will provide a server machine.
Martin Dougiamas
Re: Moodle Trademark in Japan
No, what I'm saying is that we already have a good site here for Japanese moodlers on, so it makes sense for you to save yourself the trouble and redirect to send users here, particularly as you won't be using it commercially anyway.

Very soon even the content on the front page of will appear in Japanese to Japanese users, so it makes good sense.
画像 Don Hinkelman
Re: Moodle Trademark in Japan
Hi Martin, Tim, and Minoru,

Sorry for not joining in discussions.  Although I am subscribed to many forums, my enrollment in Japanese Moodle keeps cutting out after 30 days!  笑顔

Thank you, Minoru, for your hard work promoting Moodle at our language teaching conferences, training new people in Moodle, and developing an adaptive English test.  I hope there are many consultants like you to spread this powerful elearning tool across Japan.

Thank you also for saving the domain from outsiders.  It would be sad if that valuable name was taken by a non-member.  Now in my personal opinion, I think the moodle domains (,,, would best be used for community purposes.  For example, I would like to see be a place where Moodle customers in Japan could go to see information about all the service companies available to them.  I think Moodle Partners of course would be given priority, but I think there is room for consultants to play a role too. 

Of course, that is my personal opinion.  Martin owns the trademark for Moodle around the world.  That is a good thing, because without that his family would have no income and Moodle as open source would die.  I am looking forward to good agreement here and a prosperous growth for all of us!   笑顔

画像 Minoru Akiyama
Re: Moodle Trademark in Japan
Hi Don,

thank you for your advice.
I agree your opinion.
So I'll give "" to Martin and "" to Japanese moodlers.
Please contact me for moving domains.