Letter grade boundaries! ACK!

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Re: Letter grade boundaries! ACK!
I stand by my strong language. This is shockingly poor design that seems uniformed by standard practices. And it's a COMPOUND bad design; not just one issue, but two inter-related issues. To top it off, critical functionality necessary for a workaround was removed for no apparent reason.

Just because a project is free and open source does not mean that its standards should be lower. I would argue precisely the opposite. Absent profit motive, the driving force behind a project should be to make it as good as it can be to meet the needs of users. No need for a race to the bottom, and it's just as easy to get these things right.

Regarding teacher resistance to "awarding a grade that a student has not earned", that shows a lack of basic understanding of how numerical accuracy works. Worse, it assumes zero margin of error, and elevates the instructor and courseware designer to the level of infallible gods.

I don't want to get all flamey, but really... if criticism is unwelcome, then what is the point of a user forum? Are we here merely to pat one another on the backs and genuflect before the almighty Moodle?
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Re: Letter grade boundaries! ACK!

In any event, thank you for pointing me to the patch. I searched the forums and did not come up with anything. Being new, I did not know that the tracker even existed.

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To Aaron, from Wittgenstein. Re: Letter grade boundaries! ACK!
Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.

So you know not whereof you speak, Aaron. You're new, you say. Some humility is in order. You seem unaware that a major Gradebook overhaul is the top priority for 2.8, and due in October.

Being new, you're less knowledgeable than those of us who are not new. We know the many ways in which Moodle has raced to the top, feature-wise, compared to all the proprietary LMS alternatives. Databases, Quizzes, Books, Glossaries, Forums, Lessons, Blocks, on and on. I suspect you have not used them, or else have not compared them to their alternatives. You would not be so self-righteous in tone if you had. Or perhaps you haven't used them well enough to see your students use the words "Moodle" and "love" in the same sentence. Frequently.

So your Race to the Bottom remark was an act of supreme gracelessness. Other words come to mind as well. Because I've been waging a campaign to bring my school to Moodle for two years because I'm a worse teacher, and my students learn less, without it.

Yet some poor soul may stumble upon your post via search and read your graceless and uninformed rant, mistaking it for the voice of a someone who knows what he's talking about, rather than someone who doesn't know how little he knows.

Further: gratitude and grace--basic constructive civility--are a far cry from slavishness and submission.

And a Gradebook is a far cry from a Learning Management System. You damn Moodle because you can't grade well with it? I praise it because I can't teach nearly as well without it. Which of the two is more important to education I'll leave to you. But please police your pride here. It offends on so many human levels.

The rest of you: thank you for answering and supporting when I need it, and developing this tool into its second decade. I apologize for Aaron's ingratitude. And I can't wait for a better gradebook too--thanks for listening to the suggested improvements and working to implement them.