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sms addon (plugin)

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sms addon (plugin)

Hope I am in the right place for this.

I am looking to extend our organisational's moodle capabilities by enabling trainers/teachers to sms students as ringing them up has proved not-so-effective.

Is there a free moodle plugin/extension/module that does a good job?

I have seen QuickmailSMS and moodletxt

But I get the feeling I need to setup a commercial service to enable this. Plus, we are running moodle 2.6 so moodletxt looks the way to go.

Can someone with some more experience enlighten me please?

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Re: sms addon (plugin)
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You'll need to have an account with an SMS provider to use either of these plugins.  We have been using ConnectTxt (formerly TxtTools) for years, their service and Moodle plugin are excellent, I've investigated other solutions in the past (usually based on price) but had problems and never moved away from ConnectTxt.

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